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Strengthen Your Knees for Squats
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Knee Injury Rehabilitation

When was the last time you squatted without pain in your knees? 

Regardless of whether it’s from an old injury or from the natural process of aging, your knees should never be in pain from squatting. This means you’re taking on too much weight for your knees to bear.

So what happens when you work on correcting your form and improving mobility yet you still feel pain? That’s when it’s time for support. One of the easiest ways to get great support for your knees without sacrificing the squat are  knee sleeves.

The benefits of knee sleeves
  • Training Benefits: Knee sleeve compression provides stability, improving your form on the squat
  • Injury Prevention: The compression of knee sleeves warms cold muscles and joints, reducing the possibility of injury
  • Incredible Support: Designed with the anatomy in mind, knee sleeves remove stress and strain from your joint and your kneecap
  • Faster Rehabilitation: If you’ve sustained an injury or are coming back from an old one, knee sleeves provide stability needed to successfully get back in shape 

Why Use Knee Sleeves?

Elite Cross Training athletes trust knee sleeves because when they are moving hundreds of pounds one wrong move can be catastrophic. For the average guy going to the gym a few times a week, squats are the most important component of a workout, so why should the average guy use knee sleeves?

Knee sleeves are proven to prevent injuries, provide support, increase circulation, improve rehabilitative exercises, and improve results. Athletes from all around the sports world trust knee sleeves, and with good reason – their knees are their paycheck.

Whether you are an experienced squatter or someone who goes to the gym a few times a week to stay in shape, having knee sleeves will improve your performance and take that pain out of your knees, after all, it’s always better to work out and enjoy it than work out and have to ice your knees afterwards.

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Improving Your Performance
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Knee Injury Prevention
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