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The 5 Best Ways To Improve Your Squat
By strength & conditioning coach James Kearns
The 5 Best Ways To Improve Your Squat
By strength and conditioning coach James Kearns
Let me ask you...

Do you want a stronger core?

Is increasing your athletic ability and decreasing your chance of injury important?

Are you wanting a way to build leg muscles efficiently? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then squatting should be the top priority of your training program. 
When it comes to squatting the big problem for most is getting past your max and hitting new goals on a regular basis.
James Kearns, teaches the pro's how to optimize their squat technique to see impressive his 5 top tips below.
Info by James Kearns
1. Stretch Warm up – “Nothing that uses up a lot of energy, we need that for the squat exercise".

"All you need is a two minute stretch that includes: the prayer squat stretch and the frog stretch - one minute of each"

2. ABS Control – “You need a stable core to maximize your energy during the lift, to do this you need to breathe in and tighten your abs before you squat down".

"You need to focus breathing lower down, practice breathing deeply, your natural intake is surprisingly shallow". 

"Repeat this process during the exercise by taking a couple of deep breaths at the end of every squat. You now have a stable core controlled by the ABS."

3. Deep Down Low – “It's important to get low". 

"Most people make the mistake of squatting at a 90 degree angle thinking this is better for your back, Wrong...your hip joint should be parallel with your knees before you start to power back up".

"This is often tricky to master, try doing a regular squat without the bar and focus on the movement, once you feel you have this perfected add the bar and eventually weights".  

4. Positive Thinking – "Staying in the right mental state during a heavy squat will benefit you tremendously". 

"When you get under the bar, stand up, then walk back, never think to yourself" this is really heavy. This negativity will set you up for failure". 

"Don’t think about how heavy the bar is, because if you have any type of respectable squat, the weight will always be heavy".

"You should only think about driving that bar up".  

5. Support – "If you watch any strongman competition, Olympic or cross training games you will notice the majority of competitors are wearing neoprene knee sleeves". 

"The main reason is the additional support they give your knees, especially during heavy squats knee sleeves aid your ability to hit higher goals".

"The second reason is knee sleeves keep your knees warm, improving blood circulation even during a rest period between sets"
"I've been testing the new line of knee sleeves and recording the results of me and my clients to see how much of a difference knee sleeves make during squats".

My Stats (4 Months Testing)
Strength and conditioning coach James Kearns Say's
"When I tried knee sleeves for the first time, I was surprised at how effective they were on the bounce coming out of the hole" 

"I didn't expect to beat my max of 405 by an additional 20 pounds first time out, the constant improvement to my own squat has been impressive"   
Client Case Studies
Peter - Age 32 - Weight 172lbs
Peter is a good person for a case study because his biggest problem is very common.

During the squat Peter would tilt forward even if he was just using the bar with no weight.

The problem is his quads are not strong enough, to correct this issue you need to do some targeted exercises that strengthen the quads.

Spend some additional time on the leg press machine then add step-ups, reverse lunges and hack squats to your routine.

Once the quad issue was resolved and we added knee sleeves Peter's numbers started to make really nice progress.

Originally 190lbs then four months later an additional 50lbs with a steady increase each month is the type of growth you want.
Martin - Age 41 - Weight 183lbs
Martin only started training seven months ago and initially had a problem with his knees caving in excessively.

It's quite common for the knees to slightly shake inwards as you're coming up out of the hole but if you feel pain like Martin the problem needs to be addressed. 

For Martin it was a simple fix, we narrowed his stance and the problem was fixed, if this didn't fix the problem for you try strengthening the muscles with abductor work.

Martin struggled to push past 95lbs without knee sleeves, I'm very happy with his progress over the past four months. 
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