Ambassador Application
 Ambassador Application

The KASP Fitness Ambassador Program Is Now Open

We are searching for people who want our fitness products, and have the ability to tell the whole world all about them. You need to be 18+ with active social accounts and lead a active lifestyle. Social accounts we love are: Youtube - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Snap Chat (others maybe considered).

Tell Me More!

I am glad you asked.......A KASP Fitness ambassador will be telling everyone about our awesome brand and fitness products. Example: wearing our new product to workout at the gym while creating a youtube video. 

What Quality's Are Required?  

It's important that you are part of the lifestyle that KASP Fitness promotes to its customers. our values include: regular fitness, healthy eating, team player, motivated and positive. We have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and we want all of our ambassadors to be the same.

We are looking to connect with people who are building an audience or a following on social networks by delivering frequent content. Our products to be used in the social media content created, links to our product pages and promotions, product recommendations and suggestions to your followers.

Overall Responsibilities

Help to send traffic to KASP Fitness online property's e.g. 

Help to gain KASP Fitness more social followers e.g

Spread the word about the brand in your area e.g. your local gym/box and sports teams/event you are apart of in your community.

Establish new product feedback - we need to know if our target market likes an idea or not, we supply everything you need you just need to post it. 

Promote the brand on and offline. 

What are the privileges?

Free KASP Fitness products - You are the first to get brand new products even before they hit the market.

Social ignition - Your social profiles and posts can be shared on our large social network accounts.

Content promotion - We will actively promote your content e.g. pages/posts/videos to our network, sales pages, email lists and more.

Additional Discount

Depending on the size of your current network, audience or followers you will be given a discount code for all our products.

Discount coupons for friends and family are available at 10%

How To Join

Simply fill in the information below and we will reply with in 5 days. 

Thank you for your interest. KASP Fitness.

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