KASP Personal Alarm
& LED Flashlight

✔ DEAFENING - 120 dB Siren alarm that is as loud as a fire truck | Activated by pulling the key chain that only stops when the pin is reset into the body, this prevents an attacker from turning off the alarm.

✔ BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT - Quick push button LED torch so you can instantly find items in the dark or create a distress signal in an emergency situation.

✔ COMPACT - 70 x 40 x 30mm Designed for easy storage in your pocket or bags letting you activate the alarm quickly.

✔ REPLACEABLE BATTERIES – Comes complete with batteries that are easy to change when you notice the LED light runs low.

✔ LIGHT WEIGHT – weighing less than 1 ounce in total, this SOS alarm is designed for night time security, self-defense, child & senior citizen protection, animal attacks, running, walking, hiking, skiing & snowboarding.

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What is the KASP Personal Alarm?
Originally designed by the KASP Fitness team to offer personal protection for runners and walkers. This personal alarm can be activated quickly by simply pulling the cord during an emergency situation. 

The alarm will provide a 120db siren sound for 40 minutes and a built in LED flash light for useful illumination.

Who Needs A KASP Personal Alarm?
Continuous Child Protection 
Essential for Senior Citizens
Repel any Vicious Animal 
Night Time Security 
Life Saving Alerts During a Hike
Keeping Your Family Safe With New Technology

With 800,000 children reported missing each year, families can’t take enough preventative measures to make sure theirs don’t become part of that statistic. With this in mind, companies are resorting to new technology for protection, and also finding innovative ways to repurpose other products to fill the need of safeguarding our loved ones.  One company in particular is leading the way.  The KASP fitness team created a simple, budget friendly solution to this unfortunate statistic with a personal alarm system. KASP originally designed the system to protect runners and walkers, however the alarm can be utilized in a variety of situations and can save the lives of many more individuals placed in dangerous situations.

Not only can the alarm be used for runners and walkers; it can help protect children, repel vicious animals and can be a form of nighttime security for anyone in need. During the school year children walk home every day, whether they are in grade school or college, parents want to make sure their child is always protected, especially when they can’t physically be by their side.

 Whether a child is walking home alone, out on a night run or walking their dog, no parent should have to worry about if it’s safe for their child to be outside. Now personal alarms feature a deafening alarm, bright flashlight, replaceable batteries, and a compact, lightweight design to make sure your child can always protect themselves, no matter what comes their way.

A personal alarm offers protection in a variety of ways; by pulling the key chain a 120 dB siren alarm is activated. The siren is so loud; it can be described as similar to the ones used in fire trucks. The alarm will continue for 40 minutes and only stops when the pin is reset into the body. This feature was made to prevent an attacker from being able to easily turn off the alarm. Protection can also be accessed in emergency situations with the quick push button LED torch. Not only does this feature make it possible for you to find items instantly in the dark, it also functions as a distress signal.

But safety isn’t the only benefit of these newly designed alarms, they are made with compact functionality in mind as well. Personal alarm systems need to be easily concealed in order to fit within any outfit, bag or backpack. Again, KASP is leading the market in this regard.  Their personal alarm features 70 x 40 x 30mm dimensions and is designed for quick activation and the ability to be stored in any pocket or bag. It weighs less than one ounce and features batteries that are easily replaced once the LED light runs low. No matter what you’re wearing or carrying this alarm system can be seamlessly incorporated.

These alarms also feature an SOS alarm for night time security, self-defense, child & senior citizen protection, animal attacks, running, walking, hiking, skiing & snowboarding. It allows people to stop kidnappers, attackers and dangerous animals by quickly pulling the cord and activating the deafening alarm. It can be used to help everyone from a child on their way home from school, to grandparents who live alone.

Not only does this new technology protect your loved ones, it gives you piece of mind.  Here are just a few Facebook reviews below from people who have purchased these new alarms and have first-hand knowledge of the benefits they provide to their friends and families.

“Just arrived this morning, tested it in the back yard and two of my neighbors were alerted. I didn’t expect it to be this loud, I instantly feel a lot safer.”

“Keeping my new alarm in the car, a friend of mine was car jacked last year and the thought of if happening to me is terrifying! #kaspfitness”

“Bought 3 one for me, one for my mother and I put the other one on to my daughter’s school bag in case of an emergency.”

With new technology and gadgets that can fit in your pocket, protecting your loved ones’ just got easier and more effective.  If you’d like to take advantage of the new technology everyone is using for running, protecting their kids, and much more, KASP offers there personal alarm for only $19.99 on their website or find them on Amazon to receive fast shipping anywhere in the US.  Also, for a limited time, our readers can protect the ones who mean the most to them with a 50% OFF coupon code: explode5 making the alarm ONLY $9.99.  Now there’s no reason to pass up the opportunity to keep your family safe!

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