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About KASP Fitness
Hello From Us
Why Buy From Us?

KASP Fitness is a subsidiary company of KASP MEDIA and is based in the state of Michigan in the USA. 

The company was founded by Philip Hewitson and his own passion for fitness shines through in every aspect of this growing business.

Like many fitness fanatics, Philip found himself frustrated by so called premium brand companies promising premium quality products that just failed to deliver time and time again.

Philip turned this frustration in to a motivation to develop the best quality fitness products for the best possible competitive price for his customers and so KASP Fitness was born


My story

"After moving from England to the USA in 2014, I decided to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my passion for fitness. I wanted a fitness brand that made products with a focus on improving your performance for people in my community who also enjoy working out." 

"I take inspiration from my community, I believe the only way to understand what people require, expect and desire is by building personal relationships"

"All my designs are based on feedback I have received from people who attend my gym or box" 

"In my quest for quality I've personally spent months researching and testing different ideas, materials and prototypes to ensure each product is the best it can be"

"KASP currently employs three staff, two in Michigan and one in Florida, We are always looking for talented people with a passion for fitness to take the company forward." 

"I hope to keep serving my community with products that make a noticeable difference to anybody's training routine, not just sales hype that promises one thing and delivers another."

Our Ethos:


KASP Fitness has the following core aims:

• To create quality products with premium grade materials without the huge price tag

• To create products that meet the needs of their customers 

• To offer first class customer service and meet the needs of their customers

The company was first established in 2015 and has since developed a very engaged customer base thanks to its high quality fitness and workout products and an active social media following, though FacebookInstagram

Working in a competitive industry that has a number of well established market leaders, KASP Fitness have had to work hard to set themselves apart from the rest. They have done this through their commitment to manufacturing premium quality products and through their dedicated customer service.

KASP Fitness work with professional athletes in the development stages of their fitness product creation and only bring to market products that are fit in with the core aims of the company. What sets KASP Fitness apart from other businesses is the transparency of their approach to product development and review. KASP Fitness share all of their product reviews through social media and through their website, allowing customers to make a fully informed choice prior to purchase.


The promise to deliver first class customer service is a key priority for KASP Fitness. The product transparency, developmental testing and 30 day money back guarantee are key aspects of the KASP Fitness commitment to customer satisfaction. The focus on customer service is another key area that sets KASP aside from their competitors. 

KASP Fitness predominantly work in the Cross training, powerlifting, weightlifting and Yoga areas of the fitness industry, but their products can be applied to a variety of fitness disciplines. Their products have generated a high number of rave reviews from authorities in the fitness industry and this is due to their focus on usability for the customer.

KASP Fitness have launched variants of two major product lines and have seen huge success with these in their first year of business. Their Neoprene knee sleeves have enjoyed a wealth of five star reviews on and have been likened to many of the premium brands but are more competitively priced. Suitable for weightlifting, powerlifting, cross training, squats, general fitness, football, soccer and athletics to name just a few sports and fitness activities, they are backed by the KASP 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. 

The design and premium materials used in the knee sleeves allow users to take their training to the next level, giving the potential for improved performance and also allowing for quicker recovery from injury. All KASP Fitness products feature the modern, fashionable and clean KASP branding and follow the latest fitness design trends for 2016. 

Designed by fitness fanatics and working in collaboration with fitness professionals means that the design and usability of any product that KASP Fitness manufacture will always be of prime importance.

KASP Fitness’ second major product to launch in their inaugural year is their wrist support wraps. Another product to enjoy five star reviews on they are also a great addition to anyone’s kitbag who is looking to partake in weightlifting, cross training, Yoga, Gymnastics and other sports that might need to relieve pressure on the wrists and palms. 


KASP Fitness products are designed for men and women and their customer base shows that there is demand from both genders.  If you are looking for a top quality product that is backed by a customer service pledge that is second to none and has a price tag that is not going to make your eyes water, then you have just found a company that you can believe in. 

We are positive that by making KASP Fitness your number one go to resource for your fitness needs that you will not be disappointed. With free shipping on all orders for customers in the USA and a best price guarantee on all products purchased through the KASP Fitness Amazon Store, you know that you are shopping in the right place for your health and fitness needs.  

The endorsements by professional athletes and other casual users instill confidence in a company that has seen huge success in its first year, a company that is growing by the month and has deservedly enjoyed massive success since its inception in 2015.  If you are passionate about your fitness regime and are looking to stay injury free and increase productivity in your workouts then you can be sure KASP Fitness share the same goals and will work with you to develop the very best fitness products for you. 

Over the next 12 months KASP Fitness will be extending their product range and launching their brand new website with a focus on training methodsinjury preventionprolonging workouts and increasing workout productivity

We believe that this mix of research, two way customer dialogue, premium quality manufacturing and social media interaction sets KASP Fitness apart from the competition and will help KASP Fitness to be the go to resource for all workout related products and information. 

If you are looking for the next authority in the health and fitness industry then you are in the right place, so why not engage with us today and share our name with your gym buddies and make yourself sound like you’re ahead of the game.

Performance Upgrades Designed By Fitness Fanatics
For all general inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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